Internet Access

A. Internet Access

  1. Computers in the Library can only be used for catalogue search and do reserach within the e-resources of the Library.
  2. Legal action will be undertaken for the ones who damage the library hardware and software. Library computers are only for research and it is forbidden to have chat or play games in these computers.
  3. You can have internet access on your on computers through wireless. “EDUROAM” is for ITU community and “ITU-NET Misafir” is for guests. Be aware that encryption is not supported and the Library cannot be held responsible from the retriveal of credit card information.
  4. The users who download illegal content through ITU wireless can be tracked and legal action is undertaken if necessary.

B. If you have diffuculty with wireless access, you can consult IT Office in the Library. Before consulting them, please be sure that you have done the following:

  1. Do the necessary arrangements via
  2. You may have physical access to “ITU-Net” but still have problems on the “login” page. This could be due to the fact that your computer has previously been under a different domain. To get rid of the problem, try this link: Wireless Access